On the Front Lines


Mike Bolio, Owner/Performance Coach (@PlyoFit on Instagram), USAW

Former dual-sport college athlete & All-American. After college, spent 4 seasons in Europe playing football in the Professional Euro-League, where he was a 3-time first team all-star. During that time, he began training athletes in the off-seasons and found his true passion. Mike’s been training athletes for 10 years in the sports performance industry, generating all his formulas directly from real game movement scenarios. He specializes in breaking down movement and counter-movements in all sports and positions played. He then applies proper mechanics through these movements, that enhance stability and overall body control, and then develops the velocity behind those movements, creating accurate in-game performance enhancement.  His formulas have shown tremendous results to thousands of athletes over the last 10 years. His practices have also shown the increased safety of athletes, as well as overall movement efficiency in all game actions. 


Jordan Bernstine, Owner/Performance Coach

Played for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes for 4 years from ‘07 to ‘11. He played cornerback his first 3 seasons helping to develop coverage skills, before switching back to the safety position in his senior year, recording 85+ tackles making him top 3 in the Big10. He was also top 3 in the Big10 with a 24-yard return average. He was then drafted in ‘12 to the Washington Redskins and had an outstanding preseason, leading the team in tackles over multiple games and achieving his 1st career interception. Jordan currently trains several NFL, MLB, and UFC athletes. He focuses on enhancing overall athleticism, through better body control and smoother movement patterns. His passion is motivating and encouraging athletes, while helping them to gain a higher confidence level, in and out of the game.  


Erik Korop, Owner/General Manager & MAT Specialist

Earned his Bachelor's Degree in Exercise & Movement Science from the University of Oregon in '02. He started his career as a Strength & Conditioning coach at the collegiate level and then moved on to the professional ranks with the New York Mets. In '04, he became a CSCS through the NSCA. After stepping away from professional sports in '06, he helped build an expanding youth athletic training franchise for over 10 years. He was the VP of Sports Performance where he designed sport specific training programs and strength training routines, from football and baseball to volleyball and track. Erik's programs were designed with sport/game-like movements in mind, coupled with injury prevention. He was introduced to Muscle Activation Techniques (TM) in '14 and immediately saw the many benefits of this non-medical process. MAT (TM) has the ability to benefit every athlete at any level, as well as non-athletes, by identifying and correcting muscular imbalances. Erik became a certified MAT (TM) Specialist in '16.

Behind the Scenes


Sarah Korop, Owner/Office Manager